Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Farida Hassan EID Collection For Ladies Wear 2011-12 | Awesome Designs For Aftaar Parties 2011-12


Farida hassan always offers a different fashion way for costumers. there all

collections are wrath and awesome for EID. Farida Hasan designs a heady

mix of mid-summer floral in pure petal shades.

Feminine and pretty the blend of fabric with patterned and solid colors

highlight the delicacy of the collection. The use of cotton and chiffon in

soft shades make the ensembles perfect for day wear, while the styles and

light use of thread work can take you well into the night. summery, breezy,

and very easy, these are perfect for EID and before that iftaar parties or

Sohoor nights that are so in vague.

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