Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Showers Brought Flowers/Anarchy Street Giveaway!

If it is not obvious, these photos (minus the fourth one) were taken on 35mm,
hence the grainy-ness and imperfection. One of the many reasons why overall
I prefer film to digital. Anyways, I graciously received this vintage dress from
The Kissing Tree Vintage. I can honestly say that this is the best vintage
e-bay shop that I have come by. They have a vast selection from 70's pleated
maxi's, to 90's grunge. It was love at first site! Plus, the shop is updated weekly
which is very good/bad, haha. Anyways, I love the simplicity of this dress,
and added a wee bit of quirkyness with my favorite bow-tie.

In other good news, I have another giveaway for you all! Remember that
love birds necklace/ring I wore in my last post? Well Anarchy Street
wants to give TWO away to you all! Here are the rules:

1.)'Like' Anarchy Street on Facebook and 'Follow' us on Twitter
2.) Leave a comment on stating which color you'd like (gold or silver)
3.) Giveaway ends in a week!

Good Luck, and have a lovely day!


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wearing: Dress c/o The Kissing Tree Vintage; Bag c/o of VJ style; 'Gimmik' platforms c/o of Blowfish

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