Friday, July 31, 2009


Ok this is the most random post ever of random things that I love.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


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Some of La Lanphear's amazing accessories.
The zip-pull bracelet is screaming DIY!!!!


Studs all over

Say helloooo to my new favorite party dress! It is a little hard to tell, but these are not just polka dots, there are little gold studs all over the dress. This is another product of Goodwill. When I said I am saving money all summer, I was not kidding! Luckily this has guided me to many gems and treasures at my local thrift stores. ^_^

Wearing: thrifted dress; f21 tights and purse


Devon for RA-RE F/W '09
Have a great long weekend!!!



Far too pretty to eat. Although my sweet tooth would get the better of me and I probably would anyway.

UPDATE: Style Geek found out that the cupcakes are made by a Miami-based company called Cupcakes Nouveau. Their website doesn't say anything about national or international orders so I'm guessing they don't do them. Boo.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

short story

Just ordered these shorts from F21... I was inspired by the heat wave we're experiencing right now. Thank goodness for Starbucks Iced coffees and A/C.



cool cat


Yves Saint Laurent leopard print ankle boots, $1250 at net-a-porter

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I love blogging about fashion. I consider my blog my outlet in which to talk about something that I am extremely passionate about. I admit that sometimes it is easy for me to forget that there are real issues in the world, but I read something yesterday that kind of brought me back to earth.
Mary of Hail Mary wrote about the genocide in Darfur in a post entitled "Make Darfur a Topic". Mary encourages those who use Twitter as a social medium to engage in a little social activism by tweeting about Darfur daily, using any of the 85 facts she has already written on the subject. Doing this will hopefully raise more awareness on the internet of the shocking crimes going on in Darfur. Definitely check out the post, or go to Stand Canada, the leading organization in Canada for youth led anti-genocide advocacy and activism.
Since I'm on the subject of raising awareness, I'm also posting the links to a few sites on an issue that is extremely important to me, animal rights:
As always, thanks for reading!

Fly, Fly away

This piece was just way too gaudy and crazy for me not to purchase. I was wondering through the depths of Buffalo Exchange when I found this little number. Originally I wore it to a party, but I've been trying to think of whatelse I can do with it. Any ideas? This baby is too great to lave sitting in my closet!

wearing: Vintage sequined top


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I really need to start looking at prices before becoming obsessed with a piece. Case in point- this stunning vintage silk Givenchy Nouvelle Boutique gown. I'm perusing the new dresses on Nasty Gal when I come across this dress. Love at first sight then I see the price...$1200. The azure blue, the swirly silver print and the gold bead and rhinestone trim at the plunging neckline... I die. Whoever runs away with this beauty is a very lucky girl.


Black/white breastplate necklace by langoliers, $92 at oak (currently sold out)

Monday, July 27, 2009


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I adore this girl's uncontrived look and
the chic, haphazard way she's tied her scarf.



This much-anticipated book will be in stores in the US August 12, and worldwide by early September (that means I have to wait..dammit). Refinery29 got a sneak-peek of the book, read about it here. The same folks at R29 also did up a How to Get Shot by the Sartorialist guide which is actually very cute and (somewhat) accurate.


aus liebe

This guy rocks the most. Check out his amazing mostly-vintage hardware! He's got one-of-a-kind style. Perfectly accessorized, perfectly put together.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fairy Princess

I must say, that in the midst of all this crazy 80's and 90's inspired fashion, I have found myself as of lately to be drawn to more simplistic feminine options. This may be a phase, but skirts and dresses have been prevailing as my number 1 choice in my wardrobe.

This skirt was purchased to fulfill days where I feel like a fairy/princess. Seriously, I am not kidding. I've already caught myself prancing around in it twice. Thumbelina and also inner-child-Bonnie have their stamp of approval.

wearing: f21 skirt; random tank; h&m wedges.

Longing for...

In preparations for my up coming semester in London, I have found myself obsessing with all things Europe related. Constantly browsing street style, planning shopping trips, day trips, museum must-sees, and watching this video in hopes of creating something similar.

le faux

This is faux.
And fabulous.
I really really really want it.
But its $385 which makes me sad.

Faux fur coat by Rebecca Taylor at shopbop


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

your daily kate

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Its been a while since I've done a Kate post.
Still my fave!

sources unknown


The divine Miss Sharon of i♥psycho is only 15 and posts some of the most interesting and innovative ensembles I've seen among fashion bloggers anywhere. Plus, she is also an extremely talented photographer and artist. There is very little text in her posts but there doesn't need to be because the images speak for themselves. I've only recently discovered her blog and I'm already addicted.
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